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Our goal is to provide the highest possible quality of dental care. That is why we always start with a detailed consultation, during which we discuss the condition of the patient's teeth and treatment options. This way you always have the opportunity to make an informed decision.

As one of few dental centers in the Czech Republic we have contracts with all publicly funded health insurance companies (VZP, OZP, VoZP, ZPMV, ČPZP, Revírní bratrská, ZPŠ).

Thus, insured persons of the above mentioned health insurance companies do not pay for the initial examinations, regular check-ups and some other procedures within the framwork of the health insurance.

High-quality care requires top-quality materials and sufficient time, often beyond the scope of basic health insurance, which is unfortunately paid in cash (and this is the same at all dental centers in the Czech Republic).

Please take the following amounts as a guide. We will always tell you the price for your treatment in advance. We firmly believe that you will be satisfied with our care!

Price list of procedures not usually covered by (the Czech) health insurance

  • Photocomposite "white" filling - according to the sizefrom 2490 Kč

  • CBCT - 3D X-ray - image acquisition and evaluation2100 Kč

  • Dental hygiene (treatment 50 minutes) SPECIAL DEAL: including the latest EMS AirFlow treatment - RECOMMENDED !1890 Kč

  • Definitive root canal treatment (including X-ray, anaesthesia and special rotary instrument) - depending on the scopefrom 3500 Kč

  • CEREC all-ceramic crown (+ digital impression without unpleasant classic plaster impression)from 9900 Kč

  • CEREC all-ceramic three-part bridgefrom 27 900 Kč

  • On the site whitening PURE WHITENING (Excellent results - recommended!)8900 Kč

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Just call on weekdays between 8:00 and 14:00 on the phone number +420 273 132 183 or make an appointment at any time via the Contact Form.

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