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Our goal is aesthetic precision, top quality care and your satisfaction!

At our clinic you will meet a team of qualified doctors, hygienists and assistants under the leadership of the head doctor MUDr. Daniella Křížová.

You will also be treated by doctors Kristýna Nádvorníková, MDDr., Nicola Kostelecká, MDDr., Anna Urbanová, MDDr., and hygienists Markéta Zámyslická, DiS., Bc. Martina Bulková and Edita Koldová, DiS.

Specialized dental surgical and implantological procedures are performed directly at the clinic by specialist dental surgeons from the General University Hospital on Charles Square in Prague - MUDr. Karel Klíma and MUDr. Vasilis Vlachopulos.

Martina Zvolánková is in charge of the organistion - especially making the appointments - and smooth running of the clinic in general.

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