Our approach

We pride ourselves on complete care with maximum emphasis on aesthetics. 

A visit to the dentist certainly doesn't have to be a scary experience to be feared. On the contrary!  The basic principles of our treatments are an emphasis on painlessness, functional and aesthetic precision, and a professional approach by a doctor for whom the patient, adult and pediatric, is first and foremost a partner. So that you can recommend us to your family, friends or colleagues. Our main goal is your healthy and radiant smile!

That's why we combine practical dentistry directly at our centre not only with experienced and caring dental hygienists, but also with the care of a dental surgeon, implantologist or periodontist.

We offer you the top 5 reasons to come to us: 

  • Top-notch care - our doctors have a lot of experience, gained at the country's leading dental centers, and who are continually continuing their education.
  • Comprehensive treatment - you can count on us to provide top-notch care in all aspects, including dental hygiene.
  • State-of-the-art equipment - we have equipped our new practice with brand new equipment from the best dental equipment manufacturers: the A-dec 500 chair, Sirona 3D CBCT x-ray, Sirona high-tech laser, intraoral camera, intraoral x-ray, CEREC system for virtual impressions with perfect accuracy and possibility to provide your with perfectly fitting and aesthethicaly superior crown in just one visit, and many others.
  • Professional approach - you are our clients and partners, whom we value above all.
  • We have time for you - we don't think it's possible to do functional and aesthetically high-quality fillings like on a treadmill. Our doctors will take the time and make the effort for you. If the appointment is not convenient for you for various reasons and you cannot come, please read how to proceed so that we do not have to charge a cancellation fee and can offer the visit to other waiting patients. 



Can't make it on your appointment?

If, for various reasons, the appointment does not suit you and you cannot come, go to this section to find out what to do in this case

You are welcome here

Modern dentistry is not to be feared!